2. Advertising

At this time, we are not offering advertisements in the ME&T Podcast (with one exception).  As we are on SoundCloud, we are now able to have a better understanding of our audience (number of listeners), and when we have several months of data, we will open the podcast to limited advertising based on those numbers.  Ideally, we would not want to include more than three advertisements in a podcast.

The exception for advertising is our hosting sponsor, which for the first year is UberChord.  When we moved from the free services of Podomatic (we quickly outgrew their free and paid services), we went to SoundCloud.  UberChord was willing to cover the costs of the first year of SoundCloud Pro Unlimited.  The following document is our agreement with UberChord, where they offered sponsorship without strings, and in appreciation, we agreed to include an advertisement for UberChord and to thank them for their sponsorship in every episode.

Thank you for your sponsorship of the Music Education and Technology Podcast.

The ME&T Podcast does not yet have a specific publication schedule. It is our intent to produce at least one episode every month.

Your sponsorship provides the cost of SoundCloud Pro for one year ($135).

We understand that this is a gift to support the podcast, and not a salary or exchange for services. As of yet, the podcast does not create any profit or income. In the event that the podcast does generate income, you would still remain the sponsors of the SoundCloud account for the duration of the year subscription.

There is no agreement to continue the relationship past the year, although we are not opposed to future discussions.

In thanks of your sponsorship, we agree to:

1. Read a one-minute advertisement/spot for your product in every episode we broadcast during your year-long sponsorship. Generally this will occur between the two halves of our podcast. We will need you to provide a written advertisement for us to read. We would be willing to read different texts in each podcast, but would need those texts in advance.
2. Acknowledge and thank you for your support at the end of the podcast
3. We do not promise any additional coverage or interviews with your company, but we will not close the door to that possibility, either.
4. We do not promise “filtered” conversation about your company–we reserve the right to speak openly with our opinions on all software and hardware as it relates to music education.
5. In the event of a disagreement between us, you can ask us to stop the advertisement in our podcast and to stop thanking you for your support but the year’s payment for services from SoundCloud is not refundable.