Episode #012: Dan Scott, Orchestra Teacher in Jenison, Michigan

In this episode, Chris and Paul visit with Dan Scott, an Orchestra teacher in Jenison, Michigan.  Dan works at (and has been a key cotributor) to a very large and successful orchestra program (and music program) in Southern Michigan.  Dan uses technology in his teaching, and has ben active in MASTA and has a masters degree in educational technology.  Dan has also presented sessions on technology including “50 Ways to Integrate Technology in Your Music Program,” and he has graciously provided a link to the notes from that session:


Here is a “static” PDF of the same document: 50 Easy Ways to use Technology in a Performance-Based Classroom

We hope you enjoy hearing our interview with Dan as much as we enjoyed visiting with him!

Link to Audio: https://archive.org/download/METPodcast/MetPodcast012.m4a