Episode #012: Dan Scott, Orchestra Teacher in Jenison, Michigan

In this episode, Chris and Paul visit with Dan Scott, an Orchestra teacher in Jenison, Michigan.  Dan works at (and has been a key cotributor) to a very large and successful orchestra program (and music program) in Southern Michigan.  Dan uses technology in his teaching, and has ben active in MASTA and has a masters degree in educational technology.  Dan has also presented sessions on technology including “50 Ways to Integrate Technology in Your Music Program,” and he has graciously provided a link to the notes from that session:


Here is a “static” PDF of the same document: 50 Easy Ways to use Technology in a Performance-Based Classroom

We hope you enjoy hearing our interview with Dan as much as we enjoyed visiting with him!

Link to Audio: https://archive.org/download/METPodcast/MetPodcast012.m4a


Episode #011: Mark Shelton, author of “Give Me a Tablet”

In this episode, Paul and Chris interview Mark Shelton, author of “Give Me a Tablet,” which is available through Heritage Music Press at your local dealer.  The interview was recorded in October and is being posted late on November 4, 2017.

As a side note, the podcast is no longer hosted by SoundCloud, but instead through archive.org.  This blog acts as the RSS feed, which is read by FeedBurner (a Google product), which then reports to Apple Podcasts.

Thank you for your continued support of the MET Podcast, and if you have a topic that you would like to be discussed, or are an author, developer, or manufacturer that would like to discuss your product, please reach out to us (see the “About page” on our website, metpodcast.wordpress.com).

Link to audio: https://archive.org/download/METPodcast/MET%20Podcast%20011.m4a

Episode #009 UberChord with Eckart Burgwedel

In this podcast, we visit with Eckart Burgwedel, the CEO of UberChord

First Half Notes:

Second Half Notes:

Link to audio: https://archive.org/download/METPodcast/MET%20Podcast%20009.mp3

Episode #008 Sheet Music Scanner with David Zemsky

It has been a while since we have recorded a podcast, but in this podcast we are pleased to introduce David Zemsky, the developer who created Sheet Music Scanner (Referral Link from Paul, Referral Link from Chris), an inexpensive scanning app for iOS.

First Half Notes:

Second Half Notes:

Link to audio: https://archive.org/download/METPodcast/MET%20Podcast%20008.m4a

Epidsode #007 At the Michigan Music Conference

In this episode, Paul and Chris, after seven years of communication have finally met in person and record an episode with each other in the same room!  Topics of the conversation include the 2017 Michigan Music Conference (particularly the Thursday Technology Pre-Conference), and news from NAMM including Komp, IK Multimedia products, and big changes to GarageBand for iOS and Logic.


Link to audio: https://archive.org/download/METPodcast/MET%20Podcast%20007.m4a

Episode #006 with Raphaël Schumann, CEO of Newzik

In the sixth episode of the Music Education and Technology Podcast, Chris and Paul discuss Dorico’s new 30 day trial, Google Classroom, Showbie, SeeSaw, and the latest update to Uberchord.  Google Classroom, Showbie, and SeeSaw are web-based services that can be used with many platforms (Showbie still has more features for iOS, but has expanded much of its functionality to web based interactions).   In the second half of the podcast, our guest is Raphael Schumann, the CEO of Newzik.  Newzik is a relatively new (nine months) app that is used for music reading–with both PDFs and MusicXML files.  The app has a special focus on group distribution, and has already been used for a complete orchestral concert with the Opera de Rouen.  Newzik also offers equipment rentals to orchestras and ensembles.  We also want to continue to thank Uberchord for its sponsorship of SoundCloud hosting for this podcast this year.

Show Links:

See Newzik’s use with the Opera de Rouen:

Link to audio: https://archive.org/download/METPodcast/MET%20Podcast%20006.m4a